A Caribbean-born Digital Identity Solution

The world faces a difficult challenge today: How can we be sure of someone’s identity online? If an individual is not physically in front of you holding a driver’s license or other ID document, how can you be sure that they are who they claim to be? Or that they even exist? The implications of not knowing if someone is genuinely present online can be severe, for consumers, businesses, governments, and for society as a whole. It’s a complex problem requiring an urgent solution—and that solution is TruMeiD.

Safe, secure, convenient

Your Digital Identity helps you prove who you are when you want to access services online.

A new way to prove who you are

We are all required to prove our identity repeatedly to access a range of government services.

Digital Identity makes it quicker and easier to access government services by giving you the choice to create a Digital Identity with an accredited identity provider, which you can use to prove who you are online again and again. A Digital Identity is not a replacement for physical documents such as a birth certificate, visa, driver’s license or passport. If you can’t use Digital Identity, or don’t want to, you can keep accessing government services on the phone or in person at government service centres across the country.


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SeeClickFix – T&T

With SeeClickFix, you’ll enable staff to promptly respond to citizen inquiries and requests and empower community members to collaborate with local leaders on area improvements

Turn Problems Into Praise with SeeClickFix

Turn Problems Into Praise with SeeClickFix

Give residents an outlet to feel heard and a single tool for administrators to listen.

Make Better Decisions

Use SeeClickFix data to make your budget go further while planning for the future.

Do More – Faster

Eliminate duplicate requests and know exactly where issues are, and what they look like, before going onsite.

We provide a one-stop tool for local governments to provide positive civic experiences.

Conversations from SeeClickFix A Multi-Channel
Communication Tool to Improve and Simplify Citizen
and Local Government Engagement

We believe citizen communication is a key part of a positive and frictionless civic
experience for both citizens and local government difference-makers.
With citizens now using email, phone, text messaging, social media, chatbots, web
forms, and traditional office drop-ins to ask questions, make requests, and share
concerns, staff members are left struggling to respond to every inquiry and do it in a
way that ensures the highest quality customer service experience

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