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About Ignition

Strategy creates competitive advantage,
People and a culture of innovation sustain it,
Technology and communications are the means by which it is delivered.

Leading Digital Transformation in the Caribbean.

Enabling every step of your digital journey, with a laser focus on driving value from every digital investment.

We are a team of digital transformation & innovation experts from varying backgrounds who bring our talents together to help other organizations transform and adapt to today’s rapid pace of change that goes Beyond Technology.

Through our extensive experience of delivering digital transformation alongside our clients, we have developed a bespoke framework that works. Our Digital Transformation Framework is a flexible, cyclical, and logical approach that is proven to deliver successful and lasting digital transformation regardless of sector.

Expert Consultants
Proven Framework
Laser-Focused Solutions

What We Do

Enabling every step of your digital journey, with a laser focus on driving value from every digital investment

Building a Digitally Transformed Organisation

In months, not years.

This is our mission, and we live and die by it. We don’t want to be with you any longer than we need to be, and the best way to do that is by putting knowledge and capability transfer at the heart of every engagement. That way, when we leave, you’re now a fully functioning, digital-first organisation, driven by new modern ways of working, and a vastly improved customer experience.

Digital transformation is just that. A complete transformation of the organisation. This isn’t a technology project, it’s a critical business transformation that you must undertake to thrive in the new digital age. It will change the very fabric of your organisation from its vision and strategy, turning everything on its head to empower the organisation to lead with innovation and rapid, iterative change at its very core. Building a sustainable and collaborative culture of digital delivery from the top of the organisation right the way out to every business user and driving value from every digital initiative. This is what your organisation will be capable of within months. And that’s a promise.

Why us?

Global Knowledge & Expertise + Caribbean DNA

The core of our team . Thought leaders and experts in their respective fields. So whether it’s advising on your digital vision and strategy, adopting culture or delivering cutting edge technology you are in the best possible hands. As a boutique consultancy, our reputation is everything, and we only hire the best, and deliver excellence to you.

Talk to us about your challenges.

Whether you are struggling to change the culture, deliver value or react to external change, we can assist.

Don't get stuck simply digitizing your organisation.

We'll get you over those hurdles, into the space where Value to your customers live. A space where truly transformed organisations embrace and encourage new ways of working, a culture of innovation, and put the customer at the heart of everything they do.
We’re thrilled with the end result – especially the fact that the platform went live in time for a series of important national meetings.
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Your goals are individual. We believe business advice should be too, so we help your business thrive in this work environment.

Meet the Team

We combine global expertise and local insight to help you

Jeston Lett

Founder & CEO

Lee Shaw

IT, Cybersecurity & Privacy

Gregory Reyes

Co-Founder & COO